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Over 36 Million Americans Have Been Treated Through Telemedicine

medical & dental savingsTelemedicine was developed to serve a growing number of people in need of medical services but unable to access care at the appropriate level. Every day, thousands of patients are deferring treatment they need because they do not have convenient or affordable access to care. Thousands more seek care at the ER, the doctor’s office or an urgent care clinic that could have been provided much more quickly, conveniently, safely and cost-effectively over the phone or online.

Telemedicine is a fast-growing, multi-billion dollar marketplace today improving consumer healthcare around the globe. The American Medical Association has reported that as many as 70% of all doctor visits are for information only or for matters that can be handled over the phone. In addition, the AMA has said that 78% of emergency room visits could have easily been handled by a simple call to a physician. That saves you both time and money!

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Think physician house calls are a thing of the past?
Think again! Now, as a member of Affordable Healthcare Access, you can pick up the phone 24/7, call a doctor and discuss symptoms, get a diagnosis, treatment options, and even a prescription when it’s necessary – Absolutely FREE! It’s like having a doctor in the family.
Our Consult A Doctor™ benefit offers 24/7 access to its nationwide network of U.S. licensed doctors for phone and secure e-mail medical consultations. Doctors answer medical questions and give advice on non-emergency, routine medical issues.

You can connect via phone or e-mail, free of charge, with our network of doctors for informational or diagnostic consultation. Consult A Doctor’s services are available to you at home, work, or wherever you may be. You may even set a telephone appointment if your schedule requires it.

“I am so impressed with Consult A Doctor™. When I spoke to the doctor, he was compassionate and helpful. The process is smooth and efficient. I’ve even told my close friends about you. You made my life a lot easier!”

“For those who are uninsured, Consult A Doctor™ provides coverage. A few, like me, don’t have health insurance but do have documented illnesses that require medication. Trips to the doctor are too expensive but I got my medication through your site after I sent in my medical records. Thank you! I am a lot more comfortable because I can get care and I’m able to get on with life at a very reasonable cost.”

Click here to find out how Affordable Healthcare Access can help you connect to a doctor 24/7.


Feel better now! 24/7 access to a doctor is only a call or click away—anytime, anywhere with no per visit fee. With Teladoc, you can talk to a doctor by phone or online video to get a diagnosis, treatment options and prescription if medically necessary. Save time and money by avoiding crowded waiting rooms in the doctor’s office, urgent care clinic or ER. Just use your phone, computer, smartphone or tablet to get a quick diagnosis by a U.S. licensed physician.

  • On-demand healthcare—wherever, whenever
  • Treatment for common medical issues such as colds, flu, poison ivy, respiratory infections, bronchitis, pink eye, sinus problems, allergies, urinary tract infections and ear infections
  • 10 minute average doctor response time
  • Visits for all ages—from children to seniors
  • U.S. board-certified doctors with an average 20 years practice experience
  • Upon request, Teladoc can share visit information with your doctor