What is Affordable Healthcare Access?

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I’m sure most of you are wondering what is Affordable Healthcare Access?

Affordable Healthcare Access has been a work in progress for almost 2 years now and is finally ready to be rolled out. It is a metamorphosis of  what was once the Health VIP Gateway Plan and most recently the Dental Plus Card (Discount Plus Club).  Our program may have changed names over the years as we went through different phases of our business but two things have always remained the same…

The first is the incredible savings and benefits that we offer. Our Basic Plan offers the exact same benefit package and hasn’t changed in almost 8 years. On average our members save 30% to 50% on dental and vision, and an average of 38% on prescription medication.

The second thing is the unmatched value we provide our members.  Each of the benefits we offer is available through other independent brokers like us as well as the main companies themselves. However, no one is able to bundle the different benefits together in a way that provides you the most value for the least amount of cost which is exactly what we do.

Sure you can buy the Aetna Dental Access® plan by itself but the other companies still charge anywhere from $105 to as much as $180 just for the dental plan alone. If you want to add any additional benefits like pharmacy or vision it costs you even more. Plus they all sell their plans based on if you are buying a single plan or a family plan.  Every plan we sell is a good for an individual or a family and we only charge $14.97/month for for our Basic Plan which includes a total of six (6) benefits.

The reason we are now relaunching our plan as Affordable Healthcare Access is because we have added some amazing new benefits to our mix that makes our plans a truly all inclusive health insurance alternative. Our new Premium Plan which sells for only $29.97/month now includes Consult A Doctor™ program that brings house calls back into the 21st Century.  Now you can pick up the phone 24/7 and speak with a board certified physician to discuss symptoms, get a diagnosis, treatment options, and even a prescription when it’s necessary – Absolutely FREE! That’s right no co-pays or fees for an office visit! Healthcare finally fits your schedule.

If what ails you requires more than just a phone call, maybe you need some x-rays or need to have some tests or blood work done… We have our physician and hospital benefit along with our lab and imaging benefits that will save you anywhere from 10% to 40% on treatment with over 285,000 providers nationwide.

For more details about all of the incredible benefits our Premium Plan gives you visit our home page now!