Welcome to Affordable Healthcare Access

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Welcome to our blog.

Please allow me to give you a brief introduction to our company.

Affordable Healthcare Access provides dependable discount benefit plans for people who don’t have insurance but still want to provide the best possible healthcare for their family while saving significantly off the rising cost of healthcare. Take a look below to see which plan fits your needs and your budget.

Affordable Healthcare Access is administered by MDC Group Inc. My father,  John Stockhausen Sr., originally founded MDC Group Inc. in 1995 primarily as a marketing and consulting company.  After a few years of providing consulting services to businesses and non profits of all sizes and industries across the country it eventually lead to a few of those clients asking him to find some member benefit programs that they could offer out as value added services to their members or customers.

For more about both my father and I please visit the “About Us” page of our website.